About RIRU

Regional Investors Relation Unit (RIRU) is an initiative of regional stakeholders to minimize asymmetric information in terms of investment to increase positive perception. RIRU is a part of the integration between regional, national and global investment relation. The background of this unit is to synergize Ministry/Institution roles and efforts in terms of intensifying foreign investment flows.

In Aceh, regional stakeholders from various background related to investment are incorporated by Governor Decree as Investment Acceleration Task Force. The main objectives of RIRU are recapitulated as follows:

  • As a coordination platform on public policy and strategy formulation towards opportunity and threats related to investment.
  • To disseminate the latest economic and financial statistics through website on regular basis.
  • Promoting regional potency in form of clean and clear project to targeted investor.
  • Preparing Investment Project Ready to Offer.
  • Debottleneck problems and issues related to investment realization.    


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