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We consider that the development of a region’s economycannot be separated from the role of investment.Investment is an important indicator as the main asset in driving our potential in natural resources.

We understand that we cannot independently work to create welfare and prosperity in Aceh. We need the role of private sectorsto develop and optimize downstream output of Aceh’s natural recourses, which definitely become the source of mutualbenefit for the investor, increase region’s income and source of income to the community.

Aceh is open to investment. The Government of Aceh is committed to providing ease of investing and improving the investment climate to make Aceh one of the investment destinations in Indonesia. Thank you for your trust in investing in Aceh.

Ir. Nova Iriansyah, MT

Why Aceh?

Aceh is located at the most west of Sumatera

Aceh are close to most of ASEAN member with 500 million consumers, uncounted investment opportunities for the investors.

Our infrastructure is ready to connect your business

The international airport, the top-ranked seaport, the high-speed road.

We have major commodities for your industries

Arabica coffee from Gayo Highland, cacao from Pidie Jaya and fishery in Banda Aceh are among the best in Indonesia.

We have the workforce for your need

Supported by 20% of Aceh’s annual budget for education to increase the capacity of human recourse and to create a skilled workforce.

We have a persuasive business climate

Get to know experience of PT. Hutama Karya and dozens of other national and multinationals company that are thriving in Aceh.

It's out commitment!

The Aceh Investment and One-Stop Service Agency becomes the leader in welcoming investors to start their business in Aceh with guaranteed security provided by the Governor of Aceh and full support from all ranges of government and a warm welcome from the community.

Even though this year the world is facing a COVID-19 pandemic, yet it has not discouraged our determination in serving the investors. Hence, to overcome the obstacles that investors may encounter during obtaining accurate data and information regarding the potential investment in Aceh during this pandemic, we decided to prepare and publish the data and information in the form of soft file which people can easily access on our various digital platform.

Head of Aceh Investment and One-Stop Services Agency
Marthunis, ST, DEA