With SI INONG PRIMA (Aceh Investment Promotion Gemilang Information System), we believe that everyone has the right to receive complete and accurate investment information about Aceh, without being limited by physical condition or skills. Therefore, we provide accessibility features that can help you organize and customize the look of the website according to your needs and convenience.

This Accessibility feature allows you to:

- Increase or decrease the font size on a web page by clicking the + or - button at the top right of the screen.

- Adjust the color contrast on web pages by clicking on the sun or moon buttons at the top right of the screen. You can choose between light or dark mode according to your preferences.

- Enable or disable the Ask Inong feature, an AI-based virtual assistant that can answer your questions about investing in Aceh. You can click the microphone button at the bottom right of the screen to use voice input with Ask Inong, or click the X button to close it.

This Accessibility feature is especially useful for those of you who have visual impairments or have difficulty reading text on the screen. With this feature, you can access investment information in Aceh more easily and comfortably. We hope that this Accessibility feature can enhance your experience in using the website. If you have suggestions or input to improve this feature, please contact us via email or via the E-CLINIC service available on this website.

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These investment incentives and scheme is specifically designed to encourage potential investors and thus reap the positive effects of foreign direct investments (FDI).

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