In order to fulfill the needs of national electricity, President Jokowi launched the program “35,000 MWe for Indonesia” as a form of the government’s commitment to create energy independence by utilizing renewable energy sources as a substitute for fossil energy sources.

Aceh offers 2 (two) main sources of renewable energy, which are water and geothermal energy sources to replace fossil energy sources by developing the system in accordance to the needs of Aceh’s electricity.

Hydropower Plant

Aceh has 3 hydropower plants (under construction status), 1 plant has committed status and 28 hydropower points are in licensing process (need to obtain Governor’s Recommendation for IPP candidates). There are 38 points for hydropower construction available, with the total capacity of + 2.173 MW.

Photo : Contruction of Peusangan Hydropower, Takengon, Aceh Tengah

Geothermal Power Plant

Indonesia has the largest geothermal potential in the world, but its utilization has not been fully developed. Indonesia’s geothermal potential reaches 22,073 MWe with reserves of around 17,506 MWe. The spreads of geothermal energy sources is almost evenly distributed, which can be found in more than 300 points throughout Indonesia. As for Aceh, there are 17 geothermal potential points with an estimated capacity of around 1,115 MWe spread over 8 districts/cities in Aceh.

Foto : Geothermal in Jaboy, Sabang, Indonesia.

Interesting Facts

  • Aceh has 70 potential points for hydropower plants.
  • The needs of electricity for industries have shown positive trends. Since 2017, the growth of the electricity needs has reached 20,606%.