Tourism Development

The tourism sector in Aceh has a promising opportunity, whether natural tourism, cultural tourism, artificial tourism, cultural heritage, and so on.

The Aceh Culture and Tourism Office identified that there are 797 tourist objects and 774 sites and cultural heritage spread across 23 regencies/cities throughout Aceh,” in addition to tourism, Aceh also has a variety of unique cultural arts, such as dance, customs, literature, art. painting, as well as spiritual activities that are very attractive to the world community. The tourism sector on average has been able to contribute around 5% to Aceh’s GRDP every year.

For the development of the tourism sector, the Aceh Government invites investors to participate both as builders and managers in several tourism industry supporting projects in districts/cities.

1. Nurul Arafah Islamic Center (NAIC)

NAIC is designed as a world-class Islamic Center as an Islamic tourist destination that functions as a religious convention center with a capacity of 30 thousand worshipers from various Islamic countries, especially from ASEAN.

The Government of Banda Aceh City offers the construction of NAIC to potential investors to build facilities and infrastructure such as mosques, towers, remembrance plazas, tahfiz schools, boarding schools, guesthouses, health clinics, mini markets, souvenir shops and food galleries, post offices, parks and landscapes.

Photo: NAIC construction design

Interesting Facts:

  • Banda Aceh is the oldest Islamic city in Southeast Asia with the potential for religious tourism.
  • Construction of NAIC with a total investment of Rp. 331,046,000,000, the Banda Aceh City Government offers a Build-Use-Transfer cooperation scheme for its development and management.

2. Banda Aceh Business Center (BSB)

The city of Banda Aceh which is the capital of the province makes this city the center of the busiest economic activity in Aceh, various activities are growing rapidly such as trade, hotel services, restaurants and others. Banda Aceh Business Center as a lifestyle center in Banda Aceh, which will be built on an area of 11,727 M2, with a development plan as a business center / business district with a hospitality concept, an integrated mall with modern modes.

Photo: Banda Aceh Business Center Design

Interesting Facts:

  • BSB is located in the center of Banda Aceh which is a strategic area in the center of the old city and right in front of Krueng Aceh.
  • The BSB development is located on land owned by the Banda Aceh City Government by offering a PPP cooperation scheme (Government Cooperation with Business Entities).

3. The Development of Golf Course in Lhok Nga, Aceh Besar

Lhoknga Golf Course is located in Aceh Besar District, located close to the popular tourist destination, Lhok Nga Beach. This property owned by the Government of Aceh has a total area of 57 hectares, surrounded by the white sandy beaches of Lhok Nga and Lampuuk on the west side, and hillside views on the east side. Lhoknga Golf Course is the only public golf course in Aceh located in a tourism development area. The Aceh government has built the area since 1997 and is currently developing it into one of the leading integrated tourism and golf destinations in Indonesia and still requires investment support for the development and management of this property in a professional manner with the hope of becoming a new tourism destination in Aceh.

Photo: Golf Course in Lhok Nga, Aceh Besar

Interesting Facts:

  • The Aceh government has prepared a Business Plan as initial data that presents business-based planning to gain profits through collaborative management and utilization with third parties, namely interested private parties.
  • The existing land can be used to play golf with 18 holes available where 9 holes can be used and available with several facilities with a land area of ± 520.788 m2,
  • Investment for tourism facilities, resorts and integrated sports, Total Investment Cost Rp. 117,723,056,794 with a Net Present Value (NPV) of Rp. 118,187,770,374, -. (Eligible), Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) = 1.3260> 1 (Eligible), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) = 26.8367%> MARR 15% (Eligible), Pay Back Period (PBP) = 11.4730 Years and Break Even Point (BEP) = 11.3181 Years.

3. The Development of Hot Spring Site in Ie Seum, Aceh Besar

The Ie Seum hot spring tourist attraction is geographically located: Gampong Ie Seum, Masjid Raya Subdistrict, Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh Province is located at 5°22’12.3″ North Latitude and 95°37’46.5″. This tourist location with a land area of ± 8 hectares belonging to the Regional Government.

One of the attractions that you want to develop professionally is the Hot Springs Tourism Object (Ie Seum) which is a water attraction with natural hot water flows with temperatures ranging from 40°c to 90°c. It comes from the foot of Gunoeng Meuh (Golden Mountain). Seulawah Religion. This mountain is a strato volcano with an altitude of 1749 meters above sea level. The air temperature in this area is a minimum of 19-21°c and a maximum of 25-30°c.

Photo: Hot Spring Site in Ie Suum, Aceh Besar

Interesting Facts :

  • More than 35,000 tourists both from within and outside the city visited Ie Seum, this location became one of the choices for water tourism besides the beach on weekends.
  • Ie Seum offers views of beautiful hills with small streams that emit smoke, visitors can enjoy the sensation of a hot bath that can relax the body.

5. Tourism Development in Lingkok Kuwieng, Pidie

Lingkok Kuwieng, also known as Uruek Meuh, is located in Padang Tiji Sub-District, 12 km from Sigli, the capital city of Pidie Regency, precisely in the interior of the Hagu forest. Lingkok Kuwieng is a river with neatly arranged mountain rocks, in the form of a large canyon resembling an ancient site. This place is often called the Grand Canyon of Aceh. Lingkok Kuwieng is purely a natural phenomenon, caused by erosion by mountain water which always flows with changing volumes. The beauty of Lingkok Kuwieng is complemented by a natural atmosphere that is still beautiful and awake with rows of green trees that thrive around the river. The Pidie Regency Government invites investors to develop and manage this area in a professional manner.

Photo: View of Lingkok Kuwieng in Pulo Hagu Village, Padang Tiji, Pidie

Interesting Facts:

  • Lingkok Kuwieng presents a very unique and charming natural phenomenon, which will become an interesting adventure tourism destination.
  • The Pidie Regency Government has now opened an access road to the Lingkok Kuwieng destination.
  • Lingkok Kuwieng is 99 Km from the provincial capital (Banda Aceh) and can be accessed via the Sigli Banda Aceh toll road.