HIA and HICHK collaborate to cultivate pearls in Lut Tawar

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HIA and HICHK collaborate to cultivate pearls in Lut Tawar

Author: Admin Date published: 3 Desember 2023

Takengon, December 1, 2023 - PT. Halal International Acheh (HIA) and Halal International China Hongkong (HICHK) have joined forces to develop the Gayo Highlands Area as a leading halal tourism destination. The first project in this partnership is the cultivation of pearl oysters (Hypriosis Cumingii) in Lut Tawar.

Dominic Tong, a representative of HICHK, said at the launch event, “This activity is a pilot project that marks the beginning of a series of joint initiatives.”

This statement was supported by the General Manager of HIA, who highlighted the importance of this project in the context of tourism and local economic development.

The pearl cultivation in Lut Tawar is expected to not only enhance the tourism potential in the area, but also have a positive impact on the local economy through job creation and skill development.

This project also demonstrates the great potential in combining halal values and environmental conservation, in line with the vision of both companies to promote sustainable and responsible business practices.

The pearl cultivation project is seen as a strategic step in increasing tourist visits to the Gayo Highlands, which are famous for their natural beauty and distinctive culture.

With this initiative, it is hoped that the Gayo Highlands will not only become an attractive tourist destination, but also a center of high-quality pearl production in Indonesia.

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