Keureuto Dam: A National Strategic Project for Water Infrastructure Development in Lhoksukon

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Keureuto Dam: A National Strategic Project for Water Infrastructure Development in Lhoksukon

Aceh Utara, Indonesia, is set to witness a significant boost in its agricultural, energy, and flood control capabilities with the implementation of the Bendungan Keureuto project. Positioned as a National Strategic Project (Proyek Strategis Nasional - PSN), Bendungan Keureuto is a pivotal initiative aimed at enhancing water infrastructure in the region.

Detailed Project Information of Keureuto Dam

Project Name: Keureuto Dam

Total Investment: 1.735 Trillion

Funding Sources: State Budget (APBN-APBD)

Private Funding Sources: –

Unspecified Funding Sources: –

Funding Scheme: –

Location: North Aceh, Nagroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD)

Implementing Agency: Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing

Planned Construction Commencement Date: 2005

Planned Commercial Operation Date: 2019

Latest Status:

Physical Progress: 23.62%

Financial: 29.43%

Including excavation of the Main Dam Downstream, Boring Grouting Block, Casting of Dental Concrete

Project Description

The Keureuto Dam, located in Aceh province in the district/city of North Aceh, is planned to have a capacity of 215.94M³. It is expected to irrigate 9,420 Ha of land, reduce flood flow by 610 M³/second, provide 0.40 M³/second of raw water supply, and generate 5.00 MW of electrical power.

Strategic Location and Agricultural Potential

Situated in Aceh Utara, a province with considerable agricultural potential, the project is strategically designed to address various water management needs, particularly for irrigation purposes. This region's agricultural capabilities are anticipated to significantly benefit from this development.

Core Objectives and Multi-faceted Benefits

The primary goal of Keureuto Dam is to regulate the flow of the Keureuto River, transforming it into a more controlled water resource. This regulation will enhance irrigation capacity, augment the supply of clean water, and present opportunities for hydroelectric power generation.

Irrigation and Agriculture: A primary advantage of this dam is the provision of water for agricultural irrigation. This aspect is expected to boost agricultural productivity in the area, thereby supporting national food security efforts.

Hydroelectric Power Generation: A key investment potential of this project lies in the development of an integrated hydroelectric power station. This facility would utilize the controlled water flow to generate clean, reliable electricity.

Flood Control: The dam also promises to mitigate flood risks in the surrounding areas by containing river flows during heavy rainfall seasons.

Economic and Social Impact

The Bendungan Keureuto project is anticipated to create job opportunities, increase farmers' incomes, and improve infrastructure, as well as provide clean water services to local communities.

Government Support and Project Framework

As a National Strategic Project, Bendungan Keureuto receives strong backing from both central and local governments. This support creates an efficient framework for financing, planning, and executing the project.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

Prior to its realization, the project underwent comprehensive feasibility studies to ensure compliance with technical, economic, and environmental requirements. In its execution, environmental conservation efforts are pivotal to minimize negative impacts on natural ecosystems, including protecting habitats and biodiversity.

Bendungan Keureuto stands as a tangible representation of the Indonesian government's commitment to optimizing water resource management. It aims to support sustainable agriculture, develop renewable energy, and mitigate flood risks. This project is expected to bring substantial benefits to the local community and contribute positively to the development of Aceh Utara and its surroundings.

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