Development Of Fisheries Industry – Sabang & Pulo Aceh, Aceh

KPBPB Sabang

Quick Summary

Land Status: The Management Board of Sabang Free Trade and Free Port Zone (BPKS)

Investment Schema: BOT (Built Operate Tranfer)

Water: Available

Power: Available

Gas: Available

Road Access: Paved (aspalted)

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Property Description

Sabang has huge potential in fisheries specifically for yellowfin tuna. The island lies at the Indian Ocean, benefiting from half of all international shipping goes through Indonesia waters, with a huge potential in fisheries. In 2019, Sabang has produced around 43.000 tones. The dominated fishes are including: skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis), red snapper (Lutjanus sp.), mackerel (Rastrelliger sp.), grouper (Ephinephelus sp.), tuna (Auxis sp.), and yellowfin eye tuna (Thunnus albakora). Six reasons to invest in Sabang’s Fisheries Sector: rising domestic and global consumption of fishery products from 112 million tons in 2003 to 150 million tons by 2030 (FAO, 2014); Abundant wealth in Sabang’s territorial waters offer various key fishery products and sources; Sabang status as a Free Trade Zone area (FTZ); Located at the entrance of the Malacca Strait international trade route; Government commitments to support FDI in fisheries industry Supporting and conducive investment climate.

Market Opportunity

Fishing company for longline fishing, partner to optimise the fisheries potential in Aceh

Financial Estimation

Total Estimate:

USD 794,618 30 GT vessels x 5)


USD 794,618 30 GT vessels x 5)

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