Frozen Tuna Processing Industry Development , Samudera Kutaraja Fishing Port, Lampulo

PPS Kutaraja

Quick Summary

Land Area: 52

Land Status: Government of Aceh

Investment Schema: Leasehold

Water: Available

Power: Available

Gas: Available

Road Access: Paved (aspalted)

Port Access: 35 KM

Airport Access: 21 KM

Toll Access: 23 KM

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Property Description

Fishery products which are commonly found in Aceh marine and PPS Kutaraja, namely: Skipjack tuna, Frigate mackerel, Layang (Roughear scad, Tuna (Yellow fin), Lemuru (Northen pilchard), Selar (Oxeye scad), Tongkol Komo (Eastern little tuna), Goats (Trigger fish), Lisong (Bullet tuna), and Sunglir / Salam Fish (Rainbow planner) with a production value of 22,247,978 kg in 2019 and 11,624,147 kg in August 2020 with the fleet used varies from 5 to 51 GT. Data obtained from the implementation of on-site research and primary data gathering are used to calculate the financial feasibility of development : 1. Cold storage 400 tons + Air Blast Freezer 5 tons 2. 100 GT frozen-box on-board ship 3. 5 Thermoking Trucks 4. Office building + warehouse 1 package

Market Opportunity

National Market Potential Today’s national market opportunities are getting better, and this is in line with the increasing trend of fish consumption by Indonesians. The Indonesian population of more than 200 million people which become the most prominent factor for the sale of captured fishery products. By a significant increase in trend of the consumption fishery products in Indonesia in the last 5 years. For 2019-2020, the national fisheries consumption is targeted to reach 54.49 kg per capita per year. So that the Aceh province has the opportunity to supply the fishery product market throughout Indonesia. From the macro perspective, the export market trend for fishery products throughout the country has increased quite significantly in the last 5 years. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, export activities of fresh fish products from Indonesia to foreign countries are continued, although there was still a decline. However, this decline is not too extreme compared to other business sectors, such as automotive and tourism.From January to April 2019, Indonesia recorded that it has exported 56.30 thousand tons of tuna with a value of USD 244.45 million or 14.46 percent of Indonesia’s total fishery exports of 1.68 billion US dollars.The Aceh Industry and Trade Agency noted that in 2019 Aceh exported 149,343.52 Kg tuna with a value of USD 367,160.50, export activities were carried out through the Belawan Port in Medan by PT. Aceh Lampulo Jaya Bahari as the exporter to America. Meanwhile, from January to September 2020 Aceh has exported 325,319 kg of tuna with a value of USD 395,359.4 to Thailand and Japan by PT. Aceh Lampulo Jaya Bahari and PT Yakin Pasifik Tuna from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport and Belawan Port.The export market for Aceh’s fishery products according to BKIMP-KP 2017 to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan which can be increased invalue and destination to other countries, with various efforts including increasing the production of quality tuna catching products using fishing gear and a more modern factory to increase fish production at PPS Kutaraja requires Technological Support Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is a fishing vessel monitoring and supervision system commonly used in several developed countries, namely using the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) instrument as one of the strategies in the concept. Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) fisheries management.

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