Sabang Free Port and Free Trade Zone (FTZ)

Sabang is the western gateway to Indonesia and an entrance for investment, goods and services from within and outside the country. The location of Sabang is right on the international shipping route that connects trade between the east via the Melaka Strait and the west via the Indian Samudera which bordered by the Bay of Bengal. Thus it is suitable to be an international shipping traffic service center. This area is also positioned as a frontier in global competition.

Access to the Sabang is supported by sea and air transportation facilities. For sea transportation, Balohan Port provides route from Sabang to Malahayati Port in Banda Aceh (Capital of Aceh Province). Yachts and cruises through Phuket and Langkawi are also an alternative for foreign tourists. For air transportation, Sabang has Maimun Saleh Airport which tourists can take a connecting flight via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Medan and Jakarta, Indonesia

The Sabang Management and Development Agency (BPKS), located in Sabang City, is an agency authorized to manage and develop the Sabang Area in accordance with the functions of the Sabang Area.

Sabang Investment Opportunities
The presence of BPKS as the manager of the Sabang Area is expected to be a partner of the regional government in the management and implementation of development, both facilities and infrastructure to support investment and licensing services. Therefore, it will attract investors to invest in the Sabang area. BPKS determines 4 priority sectors to be developed, namely:


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