SI INONG PRIMA: Innovation with AI Technology

SI INONG PRIMA: Innovation with AI Technology

SI INONG PRIMA stands Sistem Informasi Gemilang Promosi Investasi Aceh. The name SI INONG comes from a word in Acehnese that means a call for a woman. Philosophically, women have the characteristics of being diligent, meticulous, skilled, neat, and attractive in serving. That’s what we offer you through SI INONG PRIMA: PRIMA service that is professional, responsive, innovative, and accountable.

SI INONG PRIMA uses AI or Artificial Intelligence technology by utilizing the Large Language Model (LLM) GPT-4 built by OpenAI and internal data sources from DPMPTSP Aceh in a knowledge base that is available on every page of the website

One of the main features of SI INONG PRIMA is Ask Inong, a virtual assistant that can answer various questions and responses from you about investment in Aceh in real time. Ask Inong can provide information about licensing and non-licensing business, investment opportunities, consulting services, and complaint services. You just need to type your question in the chat box provided in the lower right corner of the screen, and Ask Inong will provide relevant and accurate answers in seconds.

In addition to Ask Inong, SI INONG PRIMA also has other features that can help you invest in Aceh, such as:

- Accessibility: this feature provides access and convenience to users with special needs to adjust the font size and color display on the screen.

- E-KLINIK: an assisted service via video conference that can be used by business actors to consult with the DPMPTSP Aceh team directly without having to come to the office.

- E-SKM: an online public satisfaction survey that can be used by business actors to provide feedback or suggestions on investment services in Aceh.

- E-Data: provision of electronic data and investment documents that can be accessed by business actors through the website

With SI INONG PRIMA, you can enjoy the convenience of getting information about investment in Aceh in a faster, easier, and more accurate way.

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